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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Services - Floor Plans


What is included in your floor plans?

Standard - Standard Floor Plans include all walls, windows, doors, wall openings, skylights, exposed beams, penetrations, stairs, soffits, built-ins, plumbing fixtures, HVAC registers, accessible measurable spaces. Does not include framing or electrical and lighting. Balconies, attached decks and patios with interior access included.

Basic - includes all walls, windows, doors, columns, posts & stairs only. Does not include window type. Balconies, attached decks and patios with interior access included.

Diagram - All interior walls and doors only. Does not include door swings, building exterior shell wall offset at 6” typical.

All projects are customizable to fit your needs, please specify exactly what you are looking for if you project doesn't fit into out typical plans.

Do you include porches & decks?

Yes. We include porches, decks, and patios with interior access in floor plans, unless specified otherwise. Please provide an approximate square foot calculation for exterior porches and decks.

Can I get Basic for some rooms and Detailed for others?

Yes. Please be specific regarding the division of services when requesting a quote. Click here to access our online quote request or call 800.318.0099 ext. 400.

Do you include electrical and lighting in your Detailed Floor Plan?

No, but we offer an Electrical & Lighting Plan.

The building has two living levels over a garage and or/basement. Do you include the garage and/or basement level as one of the levels?


Do you think my architect will need the garage and/or basement level?

Most architects with whom we work expect to see the garage (if it’s attached) as well as the basement in a set of floor plans. We recommend asking your architect or city planning department whether or not documentation of the basement and/or garage level is required for your scope of work and the requisite permits.

What heights can you annotate on the floor plan?

Floor-to-floor, floor-to-ceiling, sill, header, beam, soffits, etc. We can annotate the heights of any elements already included in the floor plan. Please specify what you are looking for when requesting your quote.

Can you provide me with Title 24 Information?

If you provide us with a list of your specific requirements for Title 24 information, we will include it as part of the quote.

Will the windows and doors be to scale?

Yes, everything will be to scale.

Can you annotate floor materials and show where they change?

Yes. Please specify specifically what you would like annotated.

Can you measure load bearing walls only?

We do not determine load-bearing from non-load-bearing walls: However, architects can usually deduce from our drawings which walls are load-bearing and which are not, based on location, size, and position relative to columns, beams, etc.

Does a floor plan include electrical panels?

Yes. Our Standard Floor Plan includes electrical panels. If you would like these shown in a Basic Floor Plan, we can do so, please specify.

Do you show kitchen equipment in a standard floor plan?


Can you measure the perimeter walls of the building only?