Architectural Measured Drawings of Existing Conditions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Services - Interior Elevations & Sections


What is included in an Interior Elevation?

Standard - Heights of walls, windows, doors, built-ins (fireplaces, bookcases, etc) w/trim & ornamentation.

Basic - Basic Interior Elevations are tailored to the client’s particular needs.

Benchmark Definition - Basic Interior Elevations include the following elements only: Walls, windows & doors. Moulding, wainscots, baseboards, paneling, window & door trim etc. w/skeletal representation, outline only Detail within trim, moulding, paneling, etc. not shown. Heights annotated.

Specific walls to be measured TBD by client prior to project commence. Client to provide schematic or list detailing specific rooms and walls to be shown.

What are interior elevations?

Interior Elevations are like sections in that they show all of the heights inside the house. The difference between Interior Elevations and Sections is that Interior Elevations start at the finished floor elevation and stop at the ceiling. Interior Elevations show individual walls in specific rooms, whereas Sections cut through floors showing multiple rooms stacked on top of each other.


What is a section?

It is a cut from the foundation through roof. Includes walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, and observable major structural elements only. Does not include interior ornamentation & trim.

For what do architects use Sections?

Architects use Sections for a number of reasons. They deduce structural information to determine the strength of the building via floor thickness and floor span relative to load bearing walls. Sections also show any observable framing, such as is available in the foundation or the roof framing system. Architects need to know this information prior to designing structural changes to the building.

Can you show the framing in the walls and/or ceiling?

We can show the framing in the walls and ceilings if it is observable. Typically we work in buildings that have already been finished. If you would like this information included in the drawings, you will have to provide the demo holes.

Can Asbuilt provide the demo holes for us?

No. We do not provide demo holes for liability reasons. We would not want to hit a circuit or pipe. Nor are our associates qualified to perform this type of work.

I already have a floor plan. Can you use this to create a section?

No, we don’t use other people’s drawings. It takes more time to verify other’s work and make sure that it matches up with our own than to produce a set of floor plans from scratch. If you would like to send us the floor plan anyway, we can use it for reference.

Will it cost extra to add sections after you’ve produced the floor plan, and if so how much?

Yes. We acquire most of the section data inside while taking the floor plan data. If you decide to add sections after the initial measure up is completed we will have return to the building and re-trace all of our steps to gather the section information.

Why does it cost more to add certain drawings at a later time?

Some of the drawings, such as exterior elevations and sections, are priced based on purchase of the floor plan. If we do not acquire data for these drawings while taking floor plan data, it takes more time to do them. Drawings that change price if purchased as part of a phase II or added to a project after we’ve already produced the floor plan include Exterior Elevations, Sections, Electrical & Lighting Plans, and Reflected Ceiling Plans.

Can you provide me with a quote for Sections only?

Yes, but in order to create either of these drawings, we will measure and draw a basic floor plan.