Architectural Measured Drawings of Existing Conditions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Deliverables


What deliverables do you offer?

Please visit our services section to get complete details about our large selection of deliverables.

Can I get preliminary drawings?

Yes. We will invoice for the preliminary drawings prior to delivering them. I will include your request for preliminary drawings in the quote.

What is the final product?

Per request any or all of the following: CAD files on CD; CAD files via email; Bond plots, vellum plots – typically, sized 24 x 36.

What is vellum?

Vellum is a translucent paper on which architectural drawings are plotted. It is reproducible.

What is bond?

Bond is standard opaque white paper that looks like the paper you buy to put in your printer, only it’s bigger.

What if I find a problem with my drawing?

We haven’t had trouble with this in the past, but if you were to find any inconsistencies in your drawings, Asbuilt would do whatever it takes to correct them.

What CAD software program do you use?

We use the latest AutoCAD software which allows us to transfer drawings into whatever file type you need for your given software program.

Can you put the drawings on my layering system?

Typically we do not provide this service. We use a very skeletal layering system, which should be easy for you to translate into your system.

We do provide some drafting services at an $100/hr hourly rate. Please inquire if this is something you would like to pursue.


What is included with a Digital Photo Report?

Option 1: Digital files on CD or via email per client’s specifications

Option 2: Digital photos plotted on high gloss photo paper, sized 24 x 36

Option 3: Digital Photos embedded in CAD files.

What do you mean by embedded in CAD files?

We insert JPEG files into the AutoCAD environment. If we photograph a specific window for instance, you will find an icon in the CAD file next to the corresponding window. If you click on the icon, a photograph of the window will appear.

I don’t need the photos printed out can you just give me whatever photos you take in digital format?

Sure. We typically take photos only when acquiring data for exterior elevations. we'll put the digital photos on the CD, or we can email them to you. Which do you prefer?

Will you give me an actual print out of the photos?

Yes. We can plot them out on high gloss photo paper, sized 24 x 36. 20 photos typically fit on one sheet.