Architectural Measured Drawings of Existing Conditions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Technology and the Measurements


What is the name of the software you use?

We use a proprietary software program, Asbuilt Illustrator™ "Ai."  Ai is a knowledge base database program derived from a patent pending algorithm for creating Measured drawings.

The algorithm was invented by Paul Thomas in 1989 when he created a unique relational object data sytem "RODS" designed for use in identifying, locating, measuring and drawing elements of an architectural construct.

The first field use of RODS technology was January 1990. Subsequently, the first iteration of Ai software was beta released for private use and field development in July of 1997. 

After nine years in use, thirty five or so upgrades, thousands of projects, millions of squre feet measured and drawn, Asbuilt Illustrator is better than ever. Over the years, our software advances coupled with dramatic hardware improvements i.e., Bluetooth capable lasers, have enabled Asbuilt's associates to increase their productivity an average of 4 to 6 fold.


Do you laser scan the building?

No. We do not use a scanning laser and we do not scan paper drawings for conversion to electronic cad files.

We do use a laser to measure from point-to-point and transmit data to our Asbuilt Illustrator software.

Our associates traverse the job site identifying elements and recording their attrributes in Ai which in turn renders the data into drawings.


Is the laser dangerous?

No. It should not be pointed directly in someone’s eye, but that is a highly unlikely occurrence.


How do you measure angles?

We employ trigonometry, bisecting radii, rise/run, proxy model data, and protractors i.e., Bosch's DWM40L electronic protractor and mitre finder tool.

How do you annotate dimensions? For example, if a measurement is 10'-3¾ in.?

The laser that we use is set to a precision of one thousandth of a foot.

Our cad program format for the "Dimension Style" is set to round off to the nearest inch. This so as to present an uncluttered plot. In the example above the annotated dimension will be 10'-4".

The user can reset the Dimension Style to acheive preferred results.


I understand that you dimension only the rooms. Will I also get the exact measurements and locations of the windows and other elements?

Yes, everything will be represented per actual measurements.

Plumbing fixtures and certain equipment i.e., washers and dryers are drawn as "typical."