Architectural Measured Drawings of Existing Conditions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Asbuilt Services


Where do you do work?

We work throughout the United States.

We have Reps and offices in Arlington-Washinton DC, Boston-Providence, Hawaii, San Francisco-NorCal, Los Angeles-SoCal, Portland-PacificNorthWest, Chicago, Denver-Pueblo, New York and the Tri-Stae area.


I’m an architect and I would like my client to contract with you directly. How should we proceed?

We can contract with you or your client, whatever is easier for you. In order to put together a quote for this project, we need to ask either of you a series of questions about the building. We also need to know which drawings you require.  Please discuss the particulars with your client, decide who will answer the questions and then click here to submit the information about your project through our online quote request or call 800.318.0099 ext. 400.


Are you bonded?

We carry general liability, which covers on-site damage inflicted by Asbuilt.

If you get hurt on-site, am I responsible?

This has never been a problem for us. We carry Workman’s Comp insurance, so if any of our associates were to hurt him/herself on-site he/she would be covered through our policy. Our people are responsible for determining whether or not an area is safe.

What types of insurance do you carry?

1. Workman’s Compensation through State Compensation Fund. Workman’s Comp covers injuries incurred by Asbuilt associates on-site.

2. General Liability through CNA which covers on-site damage to the client’s property caused by Asbuilt Services.

Can I get certificates of Insurance from you?

Yes. We will request them from our insurance carriers and have them sent to you.


My city planning department or architect said I need the structural information. What does this mean?

You may need a foundation plan, roof framing and/or sections drawings. All of these drawings show observable structural and framing information. If you do not know which drawings you need, we can include all of them in our proposal for services.  Ultimately, if you are not sure, you will need professional advice before contracting with us.

We recommend reviewing our proposal for services with your city planning department, architect and or structural engineer.

I have a list of requirements that my city gave to me. Can I fax this over to you for review?

Yes. we'll review the regulations and include items that we offer in the quote. Once you receive the quote from us, we advise passing it by your architect or city planning contact for review.


My Company uses its own contract. Will you sign ours or can we include yours as an exhibit within ours?

Yes. We work with contracts like this all the time. Two things that we are inflexible about are our advance payment policy and our retainer policy.