Architectural Measured Drawings of Existing Conditions
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Issues Related to the Building Site


How do you work around access restrictions?

We understand that some projects have access restrictions. We will agree to work with limited and special access conditions.

To avoid unplanned expenses due to loss of work or downtime, please delineate your needs, conditions and requirements in the "scope of work" in the proposal stage.

Ocassionally, spontaneous conditions create limited access. Asbuilt will attempt to work around these situations with no loss work charge as long as we can access these areas prior to the planned departure.

Our project manager will inform the property access contact of inaccessible areas, and attempt to re-visit those areas at an agreed upon time. Should we have to schedule a return trip, a re-schedule fee of $575/day will apply.

How many days do you need on-site?

Typically 25 to 35% of the total project time is spent on-site.

Example - For a 5 day project - assume 1.5 days on-site, 3 days off-site then wrap up with a .25 day audit.

Do I need to be home while you measure?

No. We prefer no incumberances. Most often, clients meet us on-site or leave a key.

We are insured for accidents and loss to 2 million dollars per incident.



Can you measure if people are in the building?

Yes. We work in occupied buildings, such as offices and medical facilities, all the time.


Are you sensitive to issues of privacy?

Yes, we have completed numerous sensitve projects ranging in scope from very private citizens to celebrities and top secret commercial design as well as restricted military access conditions.

We will execute non-disclosure Agreements at the client's request.



The building has fire damage. Can you work in it?

Are there any asbestos concerns? If there are, we require written documentation that the building has been tested by a State Certified Asbestos Consultant and been deemed safe to work in.

Are there any unsafe areas? If there are not, we can go in. If there are, we'll work around the unsafe areas. Drawings will carry a disclaimer stating that certain areas have not been measured due to unsafe working conditions.

I believe my building may present an asbestos concern. Will you work in it?

Yes, but we require written documentation that the building is safe to work in. We will fax a list of our asbestos safety requirements (see below).

All projects with Asbestos concerns should be dealt w/in the following way:

  1.  “Client must provide written certification that all areas, including roof, basement, and crawl spaces have been tested for airborne fibers using PCM analysis methods by a state certified asbestos consultant (C.A.C.). Analyzed results must indicate that test results are within OSHA clearance standards. Certification must also state that asbestos will not be disturbed by touching, walking, or crawling in all areas of the building and that it is safe to open windows, doors, cabinets and access panels.”
  2. Certification must be received prior to scheduling the project.

I would like certain elements above the ceiling tiles. I understand that we must provide ceiling tile removal, but if you’re on-site, and you need to pop a few tiles here and there, will you do it?


Certain areas of this hospital or laboratory may require a safety-suit. Will Asbuilt wear these if required?

Yes, but we charge a safety suit-up fee. Please describe the hazardous areas, square footage, type of hazard, and amount of work that you would like done. We will write our fees for this work as well as our requirements into the quote.

Clause: Client to guarantee safety of all areas to be measured. Asbuilt must be informed about areas that require safety suits or protective gear prior to scheduled start date. Safety equipment to be provided by client or hospital.