Architectural Measured Drawings of Existing Conditions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Services - Equipment, Fire & BOMA Plans


What is included in an Equipment Plan?

Boilers, furnaces, pumps, valves, control systems, compressors

Boiler = (typically called a water heater) heats water to run hot water to radiators in rooms, hot water circulated by pumps.

Furnace = a heater. It heats elements with a gas flame (natural gas) over metal. Air goes over metal, gets hot, and goes through ducts to heat space.

Pump = moves air or water through a pipe or duct, controlled by pressure sensing devices, manual switches, or control panels

Valve = opens and closes pipes (like a faucet) to control flow of liquid or air. Could indirectly effect a pump.

Compressor = compresses elements, liquid or air, to make them heat or cool as they pass over a radiator or coolant.

Control system = A sensing, or switching device, central processing device, interface for all of the circuitry. Finds out if a room is hot enough from one circuit, and switches another if it decides no.

Can you show the equipment?

Residential projects do not usually require equipment plans because water heaters, furnaces, electrical panels, etc. are all included in a standard floor plan.  If you have requested a Basic Floor Plan we can include the equipment for a nominal fee. Please specify at when requesting your quote.


What is included in a Fire Safety Plan?

Fire extinguishers pull stations, fire hose cabinets, fire exit signage, emergency lighting, sprinklers.

Can you locate fire sprinkler mains and risers only?



My house has been fire-damaged and I need documentation of the finishes, windows, etc. for my insurance company. Can you do this?

Yes. We will document everything that we see. We can provide you with a Sash and Door Schedule, a Finish Schedule, a Fixture Schedule, Detailed Interior Elevations w/materials annotated, Detailed Exterior Elevations w/materials annotated and/or Element Detail drawings of specific architectural features, shown close up.


What is a BOMA Plan?

BOMA charts delineating usable and rentable areas with floor plans per ANSI standards –BOMA plans will reflect measured and accessible areas only.

Can you do a BOMA Plan for one office suite in a building which hosts many?

Yes, but the BOMA calculations will reflect measured areas only. Common areas such as hallways, lobby’s stairwells, and janitor’s closets affect the r/u ratio and ultimately the rentable area number.

How do you report your BOMA findings?

We assemble a BOMA chart reflecting the calculations for each area. A Floor Plan accompanies the BOMA chart. The Floor Plan is hatched (or shaded) to correspond with the chart and show you how we derived our calculations.