Architectural Measured Drawings of Existing Conditions
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Measured Drawings aka "as-built" Drawings


Details Details
Plan Detail Annotate and dimension specific client identified areas and fixtures within Plan views.
Elevation Detail Annotate and dimension specific client identified areas within Elevation views.
Structural Detail Annotate and dimension specific client identified structural areas. Any necessary domolition to be done by others.
Schedules Details
Finish Schedule

Includes interior walls, trim, casing, base, flooring, ceiling, and moulding finishes. Requires Floor Plan.

Sash & Door Schedule Includes width, height, material, type, quantity, style and notes. Requires Floor Plan.
Asset Schedule Recordation of specified assetts at a site or structure. Used for Insurance record, etc. Requires Floor Plan.
Reports Details
Historical Report Our drawings and field documentation meet or exceed HABS HAER specifications. Database Field Report.
Photo Report Digital photos of site or structure, deivered via printed and/or digital media. Includes embedded thumbnails in drawings. Minimum of 20 photos.
Lease Standard Report (BOMA) Details usable and rentable space with floor plans per BOMA ANSI standard. Used to provide consistent results in measuring and calculating real estate space. Asbuilt is certified and has been providing BOMA Plans & Reports for over 5 years.
Audit Report Audit and verify client drawings verses structure or site with redline measurement annotations. Summary report of findings.