Architectural Measured Drawings of Existing Conditions

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Architectural Standard or Basic?

Architectural "Standard", "Basic" & Diagram Floor Plans  

Asbuilt Services offers three variations of Floor Plans Architectural Standard, Basic or Diagram.

The Architectural "Standard" Floor Plan includes interior and exterior walls, windows, doors, openings, skylights, exposed beams, stairs, soffits, built-ins, plumbing fixtures, HVAC registers, accessible measurable spaces. Does not include exposed framing, electrical or lighting.

The Basic Floor Plan is minimal in details, but locates all walls, windows, doors, columns, posts and stairs. Does not include window type.

The Diagram Floor Plan option includes a poly-line of walls and jambs only. Exterior wall line is defaulted at 6" offset.

Architectural "Standard" Elevations & Site Plans  

Architectural "Standard" Exterior Elevations include detailed illustration of exterior ornamentation, siding, attached structures, equipment, decorative ornamentation, trim, doors and windows. Also includes finish material annotations, and key dimensions including floor to ceiling heights and header heights.

Architecutral "Standard" Interior Elevations illustrate all elements attached to walls, including heights of walls, window, door, and trim detail including built-in elements, fireplaces, bookcases, etc.

The Architctural "Standard" Site Plan locates structures, includes a roof plan, key elements and key surfaces. The standard site plan also includes power drop, exposed utilities, and wall location of neighboring structure within 10' of property lines that are assumed from the tax assessor's map.

"Basic" Elevations & Site Plans  

"Basic" Elevations include single line representation of major structural elements only, including walls, windows, doors, openings, stairs and roof. No trim, ornamentation, or material annotations. Also includes key dimensions including floor to ceiling heights and header heights.

The "Basic" Site Plan locates structures, roof outline, and key surfaces only. No roof plan or neighboring structures. Site plans are not surveys.