It is only necessary to answer the questions that apply to your property and the type of services that you have selected. If a feature does not apply to your property you may leave the question blank.


Floor Plan
The Standard Floor Plan includes interior and exterior walls, windows, doors, openings, skylights, exposed beams, stairs, soffits, built-ins, plumbing fixtures, HVAC registers, accessible measurable spaces. Does not include exposed framing, electrical or lighting.

The Basic Floor Plan is minimal in details, but locates all walls, windows, doors, columns, posts and stairs. Basic Floor Plans do not include window type.

  • Beams -
  • Built-ins -
  • Cabinetry -
  • HVAC Registers -
  • Plumbing Fixtures -
  • Soffits -
  • Skylights -
  • Window Type -

Exterior Elevations
The Architectural "Standard" Elevation is a detailed illustration of the vertical plane of the exterior of the building including ornamentation, siding, attached structures, equipment, decorative ornamentation, trim, doors and windows. Also includes finish material annotations, and key dimensions including floor to ceiling heights and header heights.

The "Basic" Elevation is a single line representation of major structural elements only, including walls, windows, doors, openings, stairs and roof. No trim, ornamentation, or material annotations.

  • Door Details -
  • Window Details -

Site Plan
The Standard Site Plan locates structures, includes a roof plan, key elements and key surfaces. The standard site plan also includes power drop, exposed utilities and property lines that are assumed from the tax assessor's map.  

The Basic Site Plan locates structures, roof outline, and key surfaces only. No roof plan or neighboring structures.

Site plans are not surveys.

A Section is a cut through a span of the structure from the foundation through the roof. Sections include walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, and observable major structural elements only.

Interior Elevations
Interior Elevations illustrates all elements attached to the walls, including heights of walls, window, door, and trim detail including built-in elements, fireplaces, bookcases, etc.

Roof Plan
A Roof Plan includes the roof outline with valleys, ridges, hips, slope drainage, parapet walls, and mechanical equipment. Does not include HVAC ducting or plumbing.

Roof Framing Plan
A Roof Framing Plan includes plate, ridge, rafters, posts, purlins, etc., with member size & frequency annotations.

  • Roof Framing Plan -

Reflected Ceiling Plan
The Reflected Ceiling Plan is a plan view drawing of the ceiling.  Reflected Ceiling Plans include lighting fixtures, mounding, ornamentation, HVAC ceiling units, soffits, exposed beams, etc.

Mechanical Plan
A Mechanical Plan documents complete HVAC ducting and equipment system. Hidden ducting to be exposed by others.

Requires Floor Plan.

Electrical & Lighting Plan
The Electrical & Lighting Plan includes receptacles, switches, lighting, control panels, and communication devices.  No wire diagram.

Foundation Plan
A Foundation Plan includes footings, foundation wall framing, columns, piers, posts, girders, sills, joists and slabs. Observable data only.

  • Foundation Plan -

Equipment Plan
An Equipment Plan includes boilers, furnaces, pumps, valves control systems, compressors, etc.. Visable components only. Requires Floor Plan. Level of detail may be customized by client.

A BOMA Plan includes a BOMA chart delineating usable and rentable areas with floor plans per ANSI standards.

Requires Floor Plan.

Sash & Door Schedule
Includes width, height, material, type, quantity, style and notes. Requires Floor Plan.

  • Sash & Door Schedule -
  • Finish Schedule -

Finish Schedule
Includes interior walls, trim, casing, base, flooring, ceiling, and moulding finishes. Requires Floor Plan.

  • Wall surfaces -
  • Floor surfaces -
  • Ceiling surfaces -

Element Details
Annotate and dimension specific client identified areas and fixtures within Plan views, Elevation Views or Structural Areas.  Any necessary domolition to be done by others.

Digital Photo Report
Digital photos of site or structure, deivered via printed and/or digital media. Includes embedded thumbnails in drawings. Minimum of 20 photos.

Column Grid
Locate and justify all visible columns with member size and frequency annotations. Grid to overlay on floor plan drawings unless otherwise specified.